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Child Support Lawyers – Serving Gurnee & Lake County Illinois

Having children is a big responsibility. It is a responsibility that doesn’t decrease in time or according to life circumstances, either. That means that if you have a child, you are responsible for taking care of them at least until they reach the age of majority. When it comes to children with parents who are separated, that means obtaining a child support order from the court system. This will ensure that the child in question has the care and resources they need as they age and grow.

What is child support?

Many people think of child support as a punishment. This is the wrong way to think of things! While child support has the potential to be a hardship depending upon how much money is ordered each month, it should be noted that the money is intended to provide the child with the support they need to thrive. That means that it is the child who is owed the money, not the other spouse, and that it is not a punishment to be ordered to pay support. The parent with primary custody likely ends up spending just as much money on expenses for the child every month.

What can child support be used for?

Child support is a particularly contentious issue. There are many emotions tied to the support, particularly if the need for support was created via a divorce. As a result, parents are quick to claim that the support being paid is not being used to support the child, as intended, but rather on items for the parent receiving the support payment.

The truth of the matter is that there are many different things that child support can cover. The most obvious include the basic necessities for your child. This refers to things like food and clothing – the bare necessities they need to survive. Child support is actually far more nuanced than providing for this level of need, however, and it is possible for the receiving parent to use child support properly even if it doesn’t seem as though the child is receiving direct benefit. Paying rent, for example, or other household bills also helps ensure the child is being cared for. It would be difficult for a child to thrive without a secure place to call home, right? Child support is often used to help secure that home and the necessities within it.

Child support can also be used for things like medical bills, entertainment, and extracurricular activities. If your child is ill and receives medical treatment, it is common for the receiving parent to use child support money to help cover the bills. The same is true if your child wants to take part in an activity that requires money. Participating in band class, for example, could necessitate the purchase of an instrument. Your child’s support payment can be legally used to cover that cost. If your child wants game consoles or to attend camp, child support can also be used to cover those costs.

Remember that child support is intended to ensure the child does not want for anything if possible. That is not to say, however, that child support is never used inappropriately. If you believe that your child support payments are not being used constructively and according to the law, you are well within your rights to bring the matter to the court’s attention. It is highly advised that you seek an attorney’s guidance before attempting to do this. It can be difficult to prove that funds were misused and bringing the case to a court hearing without sufficient evidence could actually hurt your standing in the long run.

How is child support calculated?

There are a number of factors that are taken into consideration when determining child support payments. The gross income that each parent earns is one of the most important factors in determining how much child support is due. Other factors that are taken into account include things like child care expenses, insurance premiums, and extracurricular activity costs as well as other costs related to schooling and education. This works to create the amount of money the child needs each month to thrive.

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