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Real Estate Lawyers – Serving Gurnee & Lake County, Illinois

When it comes to areas of the law that impact many individuals over the course of their lives, real estate is probably one of the most common. Buying or selling a home, or even renting one, is often quite the big transaction. It might be the biggest, most important financial transaction in the lives of many Americans, in fact. And while many people tend to jump head first into a real estate deal, it is actually incredibly important – precisely because these deals are so expensive – that you have an experienced attorney on your side throughout the process.

What is real estate law?

Real estate law, as the name implies, is law that surrounds the real estate industry. This can encompass many, many things. Some individuals will need a real estate attorney because they rent out buildings to tenants, for example, and therefore are in need of someone who can help keep them safe from illegal deals and scams while also ensuring that they remain on the good side of the law. Other individuals might be more interested in purchasing or selling property. This necessitates the services of an attorney for many different reasons. Perhaps the clearest is the real estate closing, where contracts pertaining to the property and quality of the buildings in question are signed and put into effect.

Do I need an attorney for real estate issues?

As mentioned briefly above, many people believe that they can handle their own real estate deals. It is actually pretty important that you ensure you are working with an experienced real estate attorney in Illinois, however, when you are in the midst of a real estate issue of almost any sort. This is true for a few different reasons. First of all, real estate deals tend to require a significant amount of money. The average individual cannot afford to sign a contract that, either by design or inadvertently, puts them at a financial disadvantage. Think about your last home purchase and think about what might have happened if the property wasn’t quite as described but the contract you signed essentially absolved the previous owners from financial liability? Chances are good that you would have a difficult time recovering from such a loss.

Attorneys are important for real estate deals for other reason, too. In addition to ensuring that the contract you sign is fair and that the property is as described, they can also help you move through the purchase or selling process. If you are purchasing a home, for example, then there are certain things you must do in order to actually make a purchase. You have to gain approval for a loan, for example, and then carefully work out the mortgage details with your lender in order to obtain financing for the property. These discussions can be quite confusing and leave a lot of room for error. An experienced attorney can help make sure that you get the best deal possible and that your bases are covered when it comes to locking in your interest rate.

Real Estate Closings

The real estate closing process is one that can be quite daunting. There are many legal details to sift through, and many variables that must be considered and managed before the real estate deal is concluded. That means that there is a lot of room for mistakes, in other words, and that you could stand to lose a lot of money if you fail to take this into consideration. Many businesses, corporate entitles, and people don’t have the resources or time necessary to ensure that every law and regulation regarding their real estate deal is followed. That’s why lawyers are so important! They can make sure that your deal is properly conducted and concluded by using their own expertise of the area.

Are you in need of a real estate attorney? At Nutshing and Cavanaugh, we have experience in a wide array of real estate areas. We can help you with everything from landlord and tenant issues to buying or selling a home as well as ensuring that your real estate closing is conducted properly. For more information about exactly how we can help you with your real estate deal, reach out to us today! We offer free initial consultations.

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