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Driving can be a stressful activity, even in the best of conditions. For many of us, however, it is our principle method of getting to and from work or school. It is a necessity, in other words, and finding ourselves without the ability to drive can be quite the shock. If you spend enough time on the road, your chances of being involved in a traffic accident or committing some kind of violation naturally increases. As a result, traffic law tends to be one area of the law with which many people are familiar. With that said, you should take all violations, tickets, and accidents seriously and move forward with the help of an attorney experienced with traffic law in Illinois.

Should I just pay my ticket?

One of the most common traffic issues that people encounter is the traffic ticket. Written for a wide array of traffic violations, the traffic ticket certainly seems innocuous enough. You might even be tempted to simply write a check and be on your way rather than drag out the legal process. Depending upon a few different factors, however, this could be a big mistake.

When you decline to contest a traffic violation and instead just accept the ticket, you are essentially agreeing that you violated the law however the ticket specifies. If you only receive one or two tickets over the course of your lifetime, then this might not be a big deal. If you spend a lot of time on the road and receive several tickets within a time period of several years, however, you could find those tickets having lasting consequences upon your driver’s license and the legality of it remaining in place.

It should be noted that traffic convictions can significantly negatively impact your driving record. In fact, multiple violations could even lead to a revoked or suspended driver’s license. Additionally, these charges can impact your insurance rates for five years after the conviction. Not only could you end up with a suspended or revoked driver’s license, in other words, but you might even be forced to pay more than you can afford in insurance rates. This is true even with just one or two tickets, let alone multiple tickets beyond that within a few years. You could easily find yourself paying thousands of dollars more than you anticipated on car insurance in that situation.

Instead of paying your ticket and accepting the conviction, your best bet might be to fight it instead. The only way to be sure is to contact an attorney who understands traffic law in Illinois and can analyze your case. In order to protect your license, your ability to legally drive, and your financial security, you should find a lawyer who can help. The attorneys at Nutshing and Cavanaugh have the knowledge needed to passionately protect your rights and ensure that you receive the best outcome possible.

What kind of traffic violations can I fight?

There are many different types of traffic violations. Some of them might even surprise you, especially if you haven’t taken the time to closely study the state’s traffic laws. If you receive a ticket for a traffic violation, your best bet is to consult with an attorney regarding how to proceed. Some of the traffic violations that you might be able to fight in court include:

  • Suspended Registration
  • Suspended License
  • Stop Sign Violations
  • Speeding
  • Speeding While in a School Zone
  • Failing to Yield
  • Failing to Appear in Court
  • Warrants Related to Traffic Offenses
  • Driving Without Insurance
  • Intersection Obstructions
  • Commercial Drivers (CDL)
  • Texting While Driving
  • Using Cellphone While Driving
  • Speeding Given Road/Weather Conditions

The above is not an exhaustive list, but is rather a good starting point to keep in mind when deciding whether or not your ticket might be something you can fight in court.

Types of Violations

Most traffic offenses committed in the state of Illinois are classified one of two ways: misdemeanor offenses and petty offenses. The latter, petty offenses, are the less serious of the two and will generally garner less punishment than misdemeanors. That doesn’t mean that you should just accept petty violations on face value, of course. Whether you are being charged with a petty offense or a misdemeanor, the best option is almost always to consult with a traffic attorney who can give you advice specific to your case.

At Nutshing and Cavanaugh, our attorneys are skilled with traffic law and are happy to work with you to create a solid legal strategy should fighting your violation in court be the best option. We’ll also be honest about whether or not you should fight something or just pay the ticket or fine. If you are looking for an experienced team of attorneys, Nutshing and Cavanaugh has the knowledge you need. Contact us today for a free initial consultation!

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